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Watch Sayen (2023) Full Movie Streaming

Sayen tell story about "Sayen is hunting down the men who murdered her grandmother. Using her training and knowledge of nature, she is able to turn the tables on them, learning of a conspiracy from a corporation that threatens her people's ancestral lands..".

Cast : Rallén Montenegro, Arón Piper, Enrique Arce, Roberto García Ruiz, Loreto Aravena, Alejandro Trejo, Eduardo Paxeco, Camilo Arancibia, Teresa Ramos, Roberto Cayuqueo, Antonia Méndez, Ramón González, Claudio Troncoso, Álvaro Espinoza, Matteo Sepúlveda, Matias Paredes, Omar Rivera, Serge Santana, David Gaete, Gonzalo Ledezma, Matias Muñoz, Rodrigo Muñoz, Lucas Jofre, Gaspar Jofre

Available Formats :

  • Runtime : 94 minutes (1' 34")
  • Genre : Action Adventure
  • Production : Fabula Amazon Studios
  • Release : March 03, 2023
  • Countries : Chile
  • Languages : Español